About Us

We do NOT just sell properties, we recommend the right property to our customers based on their requirements and budget, we aim to get you that home you always have dreamed about.

www.davidestates.in was first conceived in 2014 by David Gonsalves, and was officially launched in Mumbai, INDIA on the 16th June 2015.

The site undergoes constant improvement in our mission to make it the worlds most informative site on Mumbai property scene & investment.

To date, have signed in to access the useful Property Information and News on offer throughout the site. We also welcome over 24,000 unique visitors each month to the site as they continue to keep up to date with happenings in the Australian property market.

David Gonsalves is the founder of www.davidestates.in who has been the leading advisor to offshore investors, expatriates and intended migrants since he has been a Real Estate Advisor since in 1995.

A commitment to educating the Mumbai property buyer to safe and prudent investment methods that are tax effective, has been a driving factor in the success of www.davidestates.in which now has patrons/clients located worldwide in Singapore, Hong Kong, London, Malaysia, Dubai and New York.

With extensive travel all around the world delivering Information on Mumbai Property Investment, it became clear to David that his clients wanted access to high quality property investment opportunities. However the high cost of promoting projects overseas reduced the number of property developers that made their projects available.

Having worked with so many of the top property corporations, it was clear that there must be a better way for connecting potential buyers with sellers that was economic enough to allow for a real service to be provided and still ensure that exceptional value could be passed on to the buyers.

Why you should choose us

The winner in all of this is you, the www.davidestates.in member, who gains the access, service and commitment of each developer and, importantly, benefits from the substantial cost savings in marketing by gaining early entry and lowest possible delivery price.

As a member of www.davidestates.in you can expect to be well serviced, well informed and have access to property giving you the best opportunity for above high return as a Mumbai property investor.

The www.davidestates.in was the chosen option as it now allows buyers access to more and better quality projects that would otherwise never had been available to offshore investors, facilitates the ongoing promotion of Mumbai property around the world, whilst at the same time allowing developers and service providers to properly service offshore investors at a fraction of the cost of direct marketing campaigns.
The concept of the www.davidestates.in was formed which allows promoters of quality Mumbai property to connect with interested buyers in the most affordable way by pooling resources, committing to stringent ethics and supporting an expansive education campaign aimed solely at ensuring the long term success of all investors in Mumbai property.